Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Edible flower advice from a 7 year old??

It was beyond hot today...but I'm not complaining...i hate the winter, the snow, and the cold weather. (I know what you're thinking...and you live in Canada, Amy? Really? yea...I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed! lolol) Emma and I decided to BBQ dinner tonight and eat out on the deck in the gazebo. I always giggle at that word...gazebo...for some reason it makes me think of some hoity-toity snooty person named Muffy or Francis or something like that. 'Ahhh yes...let's dine in the gazebo this evening Muffy. You musn't forget to wear your good pearls either. I'm off to get a shvitz and shall return by worries dear, I shan't be late!'.....anyhoo......we ate our dinner and Emma decided that she wanted to take a walk to the store to grab a new notebook of paper and maybe get a treat. Who am I to argue with that? It was a reasonable request and the temperature seemed to be dropping slightly with the sun off we went.
There is a small field around the corner from our street on the way to the store and Emma loves stopping to pick wildflowers anytime we walk by. So, I carried on walking and got a short bit ahead of her as she was crouched down listening for crickets and picking the perfect bouquet of flowers for me. I think that is going to be one of the things I will miss the most when she is older...I love when she comes in from playing outside and hands me a big bunch of flowers, dandelions, grass, or whatever. I think it's cute how she looks up at me with her hand thrust out...big huge grin plastered on her face, dirt all over her hands, some of the flowers still have the roots attached to them from being yanked out of the ground so hard by my sweet girl. I love it. Anyway, she caught up to me and handed some over and I noticed that she kept a couple for herself. We kept walking and I heard her a few steps behind me saying "Mmmmm...not bad!".....ummm....what? I turned around and saw her with a flower stem hanging out of her mouth and chewing away on the actual flower itself! Good gravy my kid is crazy! I must have had an odd shocked look on my face, because she immediately blurted out that some of the kids at school told her that this particular flower she was now digesting was ok to eat and that it tasted really good! was so much easier before she was in school hearing random off the wall suggestions from other kids...lolol! She proceeded to tell me that it was good and it in fact tasted like broccoli...apparently that makes it ok...because it tastes like something that I am always telling her is good for her. Sheesh! Needless to say I made her spit it out and promise not to eat anymore random plants growing anywhere...even if her 7 year old friends tell her it's ok. She promised and a few minutes went by and she stopped dead in her tracks with a panicked look on her face and shouted, "MOMMY! I don't know how many carbs was in that flower and I didn't enter it in my pump!!!" That is most definitely without a doubt the funniest thing I have heard all day. What a kid.


  1. Totally laughed out loud, Amy!! That is too stinking many carbs are in a flower, anyway!?!
    I have a hard time with the eating of flowers...I guess if you are dining in your gazebo with Muffy and her personal chef has made a lovely flower meal for you, then sure...but totally not something off the side of the road that a 7 year old said was OK!! ;)

  2. OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes just the sweetest funniest girl.

    how many carbs in that flower? hahahahaa. i cannot believe the things 'they' say!

  3. That's exactly where my mind went! How many carbs??? We are so programmed! Funny!!! I love this post!!!