Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Tale of 2 D-Kiddos for a Night

Over the last almost 9 years, I have seen a lot of kids playing together. I've seen Emma play with a lot of different kids. It's always facinating to me to see how kids interact with each other...the differences in boys play vs how girls play. I think it's pretty cool to see these little people interact and how their personalities shine they are learning as they are playing...they are learning how to get along with to work together. They are learning and forming bonds and showing a little light along the way of glimpses into who they will be as adults. I think it is very cool to watch.
Tonight Emma had a friend sleep over. She has had a few friends over now and has actually gone to one sleepover at a friends herself. She is making memories...just like I did at that age...memories that will last her a lifetime...memories that she will think of one day when she is a Mom and her kids reach this age as well. This sleepover was a little different though. The friend that slept over has type 1 diabetes too. I have to admit I was a little nervous at the thought of being 2 pancreases for these girls. I was a little nervous....I didn't want to screw up...I didn't want to do anything wrong to cause the little girls Mom to worry instead of enjoy her night off. This Mom and her family mean a lot to me and I wanted to make tonight as care free for them all as possible. So, I shoved my nervousness way down deep...and I tried to look at it as logically as possible. Yes, there are two d-kiddos asleep upstairs instead of just one tonight. Yes, they both have pancreases that no longer work. Yes, they both are wearing insulin pumps and will need me to tip toe into the room in the wee hours of the night to check their blood sugars. I can do this. I have done it for one d-kiddo for almost 5 years now...its just another finger poke in the long list of finger pokes i have done in my lifetime.
As I watched the two girls playing tonight, I couldn't help but smile. Had diabetes not entered our lives, these two little girls never would have met. They did all the typical little girl things...played with Barbies, Monster High dolls, played Just Dance on the Wii...they giggled, they had snacks, they chattered away like only little girls know how.
One moment sticks out for they were playing, Emma's friend asked her if she was scared to get her first infusion site put in when she first started pumping. Emma said, "Oh YA! I was really scared!"...her friend admitted that she was too.....and then they started playing again. It was just a moment in their chatter....a moment of something that is their reality...a thought that occured to experience they have both shared. It made my heart hurt to be honest. It hurt because of the magnitude of the experience they have both had at such a young age....and it hurt because of how smoothly and seamlessly they continued on about their it was just another thing to talk about. I guess in IS just another thing for them to talk about....because it IS their IS a part of them both.
I'm glad they have that bond. I'm glad that Emma wasn't the only d-kid in the room tonight. I'm glad they both felt less alone.
I also want to mention that after my experience tonight, I tip my hat to all of the parents out their with more than one child that has diabetes. It's not easy. It's hard to keep the numbers straight. It's hard to split your thinking three seperate part yourself and one part for each kid. It's hard. You are all amazing people in my eyes...and it did not take me long to realize that.
Even after all this time, I still don't know everything about diabetes....I probably never will...but after tonight, I do know that if we aren't there to help each other....then the world would be a much sadder place. I'm greatful for my D-peeps....all of you...near and far.

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