Thursday, December 6, 2012

The world on a pin

It's like trying to balance the entire world on the end of a pin
a razor sharp gleaming pin
flashing across your vision
threatening to pierce all that you know...all that you are...all that you love
deflating the mere existence of your surroundings
air rushing out past your face
with the stench of defeat filling your nose
leaving you breathless and somehow longing for more
teetering on that miniscule edge
struggling to find that balance
that magical point where everything seems to fit
where everything seems solid...and there
will you ever find that point?
will you ever stumble across it and finally be able to
breathe again?
or will you be trapped in a never ending side show...
stuck trying to juggle your chainsaws and feathers
as you stare at the moonlight shining off your pin
and watch your world roll off into the darkness?

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