Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My D-Mom goggles

I was sitting here thinking about the fact that as a Mom of a type 1 diabetic child, I sort of see things differently. I mean I have known for most of my life that I do not belong in the group of people that one would classify as being normal. However, since I began my career as a Mom of a type 1 diabetic child....I think that odd-ness has sort of been magnified. I feel like I sometimes see things differently out there in the big bad world. It's like I walk around wearing these D-Mom goggles...so to speak. I see things in a whole new way because of diabetes. From simple things like walking down the aisle at the grocery store and seeing the food on the shelves in a completely different way......to going on a school field trip with Emma and noticing a particular classmate that looks just a little too pale...and little too lethargic in the summer heat. I see things through my D-Mom colored goggles now. I see the food on the shelves at the store and I see carbs...I see numbers...fibre...fast acting sugars, protein, fat.....I see how this food is going to be digested in her body. I see how much insulin she will need before eating it. I see this food as fuel instead of simply something to eat for pleasure or nourishment. I see it as the fuel her body needs to function properly and in a healthy manner. I see the classmates at the park and my D-Mom goggles zero in on their eyes....searching for the familiar signs of high blood sugars or low blood sugars. I find myself unable to focus on anything else around me because I can't shake that feeling in my gut when I see the pale complexion on their face.
My D-Mom goggles are always on....day and night...I never remove them. They have become a part of me now and like it or not, I have to accept it. So, diabetes has in fact changed me to a certain extent. It has possibly magnified my oddness...or my quirkiness....it has left me with a feeling inside that I must wear these goggles with pride and bravery. I put them on years ago originally for my daughter....and now I wear them for countless others. I wear them because they are mine and I make them look good.


  1. Oh, yeah, rocking the D-Mom goggles with you, my friend!!

    I helped a mom of a school friend when I over heard her talking about how dizzy and out of it she felt...low BG! She downed Bean's applesauce and was good to go in 20 minutes. Never would have caught it without my goggles!! :)

  2. And they don't seem to come off-lol. I was on a trip with some grade 5 students today and they were making these waffle cones with chocolate chips, marshmallows, strawberries and bananas cooked over the fire. While the students started lining up I started calculating 'waffle cone=15, chocolate chips probably 10 or 15, marshmallows.....' oh wait, Ezekiel is with his class on the grade 2 field trip- lets eat. I still couldn't help concluding thought that the thing was likely about 60 carbs :)

  3. I swear I have a "Spidey-D-Sense" as well. Yesterday I was in the middle of Lake Champlain. Joe was on the beach and I could sense he was getting into some food...I turned and sure enough he had chips in hand...I headed in...beach-ward to help him with the bolus. Love the D-Goggles...too bad they don't work like "beer goggles" and make everything look better. :)