Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grease is SO not the word!

Who would have thought that my child would take a liking to the movie "Grease"? Who would have thought that she would become obsessed with it? Who would have thought that on the first full day of summer vacation, she would want to have a movie marathon of it? We're talking 5 times watching...back to back to back to...well, you get the idea. At least she took time off to sleep last night I suppose. Anyway, I knew that we would have to make some basal changes with the start of summer vacation...because we always do. Her daily schedule is not the same, we are much more random during the summer...coming and going as we please...eating when we are hungry...getting up and ready for the day whenever we feel like it. I enjoy the summer months with her. I like the freedom and the fun. I do not like the feeling of starting from scratch with her basals and ratios though!
Anyway, back to the movie obsession. Emma was not very active at all today because she spent most of the day watching Danny Zucko and Sandy Olson sing and dance all over Rydell High. I was ok with it, because I was tired....we had a camp out in the living room last night and my 35 year old back is not a fan of sleeping on the floor. Plus I's her first full day off...let her do what she wants...she's worked hard all year and done extremely well in 2nd grade. Well, diabetes apparently is not a fan of "Grease"! Emma's blood sugars were high all day long....really stupid high. I rocked the temp basal, I rage bolused, I forced her to drink enough water to fill a lake...and still...highs. It got to the point that I was hearing her sing along to "Summer Lovin" and I began to sing along in my head with different lyrics to showcase my frustration, "Tell me more! Tell me more! Is this insulin or water I'm bolusin?" and "Tell me more! Tell me more! Do I need to change her site?" Ridiculousness at it's finest.
So, tomorrow I have decided to limit the grease lightning to one viewing. Tomorrow we shall swim...we shall play in the great outdoors...we shall be active little buggers and hopefully diabetes will like me better for it.
Oh those summmmmer nights....have so far been a real pain in the bum.

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