Friday, February 10, 2012

Emma's big idea.....Barbie

It never ceases to amaze me how pure and innocent and logically children think. If there is something that they want to do...they do it. Some are naturally impulsive...others a bit more reserved. For the most part though, they are always thinking...imagining...dreaming of ways to make their world better and more fun. I think it's a shame that adults tend to lose that ability as the years go by. Life gets in the way...bills, mortgages, careers, responsibilities...they leave us all feeling a little jaded at times.
There are obviously MANY reasons why I love Emma...I won't bother subjecting you to a bullet point presentation of all the reasons though, so don't worry.....for now :o) Anway, I would like to talk about one of the big reasons why I love her so much. She forces me back to that fun, dream-filled, pure way of thinking. Being around her and talking with's good for my soul. It's sort of like sitting down at the kitchen table to a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies...still warm out of the oven of course, a tall glass of milk, and watching the suns rays shine through the window on my outstretched arm...feeling the warmth on my face. Talking with Emma and hearing her thoughts and dreams and hopes gives me that same feeling.
A couple of weeks ago, Emma mentioned to me that a few friends of hers had been talking about a new bald Barbie that is coming out for cancer awareness. She asked me why there wasn't a diabetic Barbie out too? She told me that she wished there was one out so she could play with it and see her pump and it would make her feel good....because Barbie would be just like her. I stood there for a minute looking at her upturned face...her curious and thoughtful eyes...waiting for me to tell her why the people who make one of her favorite toys didn't realize that she wanted a diabetic Barbie to play with. I told her that I didn't know why there wasn't one out yet...maybe no one had thought to mention it to the Barbie makers yet....but I told her that I would try to make one for her to play with and see if I could talk with Mattel and find out if that would be even a remote possiblity. She took my words to heart and asked me daily if I had made a "pump" for her Barbie yet....and after a couple of weeks I finally managed to find the time to do it. She LOVES it! Seeing her face light up while she played with it made me think that I should really contact Mattel and see what they would say...maybe create a page on Facebook about it...something...anything to get this idea out there to possibly help promote Emma's idea in the hopes that another little girl or boy would get the chance to have that same feeling of same same while playing Barbies.
Unfortunately Mattel told me that they do not accept unsolicited suggestions for their products. So I created a facebook page and am trying to make a second attempt at this...make them see that it is an important thing. Little girls love Barbie...they imagine having their own dream house like Barbie...dream car....pretty clothes and shoes. Diabetic little girls would get SO much more out of it in the self esteem department if they had the option to play with a diabetic Barbie...see Barbie's BG meter, her pump, etc. I think this is a very important and much needed thing for kids. I am not looking to make ANY money off of this...I just want every little diabetic girl out there (or boy for that matter!) to have the same smile on their faces and feeling of comfort that Emma had....they kids deserve it.
Please take a minute to check out "Diabetic Barbie" on Facebook and "like" the page if you wish. Thanks everyone!


  1. You and Emma are such an awesome to Mattel!

    1. aww thanks my friend! she is sucha sweetheart <3 and yes, I hope Mattel comes around!

  2. What a FAB idea! Hope Mattel gets their head out of their ass!

    It always makes me smile, reading how you adore Emma. Your love oozes through your words.