Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Promise

I think the world is full of chaos and dreams
Laughter and screams
No one knows what it means

A solitary confinement of  what once was
Flashes so brilliant
That they burn your eyes
Blinding the present
Shadowing the future
Of a moment that could never be
Without you and me
We will never see

The sun casts it's rays upon your face
As you lean back into your easy chair
Rocking gently on the porch
Of a thousand days
A thousand memories
A thousand nights spent discussing life
Dust twinkling across your eyes
And all you can do is sigh

A warm hand in yours
Reminding you of a long lost conversation
From a lifetime ago
A promise made
To hold your wrinkled calloused hand
As the breeze blows gently across your fingertips
Caressing your soul

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