Thursday, October 10, 2013

Those moments

You know that moment when you ask someone a question and they have a look of complete and total blankness on their face? Like you just spoke to them in a different language and they have absolutely no idea what you said...but they don't want to seem like a fool...or rude...or like they aren't interested in what you have to instead they just nod and smile?

You know that moment when you don't even have to speak to another just look at them.......and they get it? They get it because they have been there. They get it because they know how it feels to have your heart pound in fear and your hands shake from nervousness and your mind race from thoughts of doubt and worry and defeat. You know they get it just by the look in their eyes...the slight tilt of their head...the way they bite their bottom lip...the ease with which they open their arms to embrace you with tears in their eyes and a pounding of their heart that is in sync with your own. They get it....because they get you.

You know that moment when you meet a complete stranger and one simple word is uttered between you and it's like your worlds collide...two lives forever intertwined....bound together by the same battle...the same life...the same word....


You know that moment when you can breathe again? When you let yourself go and the tears that you didn't even know you had been holding in, suddenly start to fall from your eyes....and it feels feels feels normal...and right...and sane?

That moment happens every single second of every single day in our world. I am greatful for those moments. I am greatful for the moments of clarity and sanity that exist in between the moments of madness and chaos. I will hang on to those moments and those people for the rest of my journey. Those moments trump anything that can be thrown my way. Those moments define strength and love.

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