Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 499 to me!

This is my 499th blog post. I thought I would celebrate this post instead of the next one which will be the 500th post....because really...does anyone ever celebrate the odd numbered events in life? Not really. I don't think I have ever heard of someone having a big bash to celebrate their 69th birthday. You rarely hear about people getting honoured for making it to their 12th year on the job. It's always about the 20th....or the 50th birthday...or even the 75th.
So, today....with this here blog post...I am dedicating the celebration to the often overlooked numbers and events in the world. This post is for that 8.3 blood sugar you had yesterday....sure it's not a perfect number....but it's not too shabby either! This post is for the 4 1/2 yr anniversary of your diabetes diagnosis....congrats on making it 4 1/2 years...that is no small feat and you should be proud of yourself. This post is for the 32 year old adult living with type 1 is also called juvenile diabetes....the word "juvenile" means child...young...immature. While you may have immature tendencies from time to time...let's be real, who doesn't in this life....I can imagine how annoying that must be for you as a productive member of society....out there in the grown up world...constantly having to clarify that you do not have type 2 have type 1 a.k.a. juvenile diabetes. This post is for that total guess on the carbs in a container of New York fries that your d-kiddo had at the mall today....47 rocked that guess and you deserve a pat on the back for pulling such a random number out of the diabetes clouds. This post is for the 3:03am on the clock at your bedside table....the time that your eyes zeroed in on when your subconscious D-Mom jolted you awake...a full hour and 3 minutes past the alarm that you set. Yes, you turned it off in your sleep. Yes, you closed your eyes for just a second...fully intending to force your feet out from beneath the warm blankets of your cocoon-like slumber....focused on stumbling to your d-kiddo's room to check their blood sugar. Your intent was there....but you overslept by an hour and 3 minutes. This post is for that hour and 3 minutes. You needed that time. You needed that sleep. Don't beat yourself up over it...but rather relish in the fact that you slept...and your child was fine.
This post is for the odd times...the odd days...the odd blood sugars that came out of nowhere. This post is for the non-perfect moments...the guesses...the instincts...the fates that lie within us all. This post is for you. This post is for me. This post is for all of the people out there that live this life with as much style and grace as they can muster. Diabetes is a bastard....and trying to achieve perfection when dealing with a bastard is ridiculous. Do the best that you can. Live in the moment. It's ok for you to feel any way that you choose to feel about any situation you may find yourself in. Whether you are a person with diabetes...the parent of a child with diabetes...the spouse, grandparent, sibling, friend, or co-worker of someone with is OK for you to feel how you are feeling and dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
This post is for the stand out original...step away from the crowd...avoid the norm...speak your mind..and be yourself. You are YOU and no one knows better how to be you than YOU.
This post is for the oddness of it all. I've shared my life experiences with you 499 times now. A lot of life was lived in that time. Good and bad. 499 moments of what it is like to be the Mom of an extra sweet insulin challenged girl.
Here's to the 499's of the world!

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