Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Diabetes Milestones

Do you ever sit back and think about how weird our lives are? I mean seriously...the things we do every day with diabetes thrown into the mix are just bizarre. Needles and blood and carbs are just as normal and commonplace in our day to day lives as things like brushing our teeth, washing the dishes, and vacuuming the living room. It's weird.

The things that most parents remember and celebrate in their children's lives seem so.....different to me sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I partied like a rock star and danced around the house with Emma when she learned how to go on the potty. But I mean the things that we as D-parents celebrate are just...different.

For example, the first time Emma gave herself an injection, I was nearly in tears because my heart was overflowing with pride. When she figured out how to change basal rates on her pump and set temp basals, I found myself giving her a high five and twirling her around the room. Today, I was out  running errands and Emma called me on my cell phone. She informed me that her blood sugar was 6.5.....which is typically a pretty good number for her. I was about to ask her why she felt the need to leave class to call me and tell me about a good number, when she kept talking....she told me how she was 9.8 at lunch...just one hour and forty-five minutes earlier. She said that she called because she thought that was a bit too big of a drop in that amount of time and she wanted to make sure that she should bolus for the full amount of carbs in her afternoon snack. She told me how she didn't feel low...but she just wanted to double check because of that drop. Her snack had 28 carbs in it and she suggested that she only bolus for 18 just to be on the safe side because she was about to head outside for recess after she ate. Yea....I made a fool of myself dancing a little jig in the store and telling her that I was proud of her and that I think her plan sounded perfect and to just go with it.

It's a different kind of pride. It's kind of hard to explain to someone really unless they live this life too. I mean how bizarre to get excited and proud over a phone call like that, right? How can it be the same thing as hearing your kid read to you for the first time? How can it compare to that moment when you are running along behind them holding onto the seat of their first bike...and you take a deep breath and....let go....watching them ride off down the sidewalk...one more milestone completed in their lives? It can't compare. It's not the same. It's on a whole different level really.

When you see your child reaching a milestone in their life with diabetes, it's such an overwhelming feeling of pride....because you are seeing them get one step closer to becoming masters of their own life. They are learning one more thing to keep themselves healthy...to keep themselves alive. It's one more step towards independence....one more skill they have mastered....one more piece of knowledge that they will carry through life with them. So, yes....it's different....it means more....it's a victory of living.

It's seeing that they can do this....they will do this...and they will be just fine.

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