Sunday, September 22, 2013


The way I see it, it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. It doesn't matter how anyone else handles their own personal battles. It doesn't matter to what extent everyone else will go to make a difference.

What matters is what you do...what you you handle the situations that you find yourself in. What matters is how you choose to continue on and how you choose to react to things. The way I see it is that you shouldn't put any limits on yourself. Make as many people smile as you can every single day because who the hell knows what tomorrow will bring.

We accomplish the impossible every single day and we expect no acknowledgement. We do it because we love our family member or friend who deals with type 1. We do it because we love them and want to keep them around. The world is full of assholes and ignorant's a reality. Type 1 diabetes is one of the most individual diseases out there...every one of us is different...every one of us is handling things in our own way and making it work for us in our own lives.

We can choose to sit back and accept defeat. We can choose to feel sorry for ourselves. We can choose to muddle through life with a frown and a tear and a feeling like we will never be good enough. OR we can realize that this disease is effed up. It's hard. It's relentless. Trying to manage it is like trying to juggle while banging your head against the wall and riding a unicycle all at the same time. We can accept that fact and keep going. Shake our fists in the air and scream and cry and be angry and feel sad. What matters most is what we choose to do from that we fall to our knees and let it win? Or do we pick ourselves up...pick each other up...and keep moving? Do we realize that this is simply one moment in shit string of numbers...and choose to shake the defeat off of us and keep moving?

We have a choice....we always have a choice. About the only thing we have in this world is the ability to choose. Don't squander that right. Don't talk yourself out of it. Don't argue with yourself and put yourself down. Don't convince yourself that it can not be done....because you know what? It CAN be done and you can do it! While you are picking yourself up and dusting yourself off, take one second to and spend those few precious moments convincing yourself that you CAN do this. You can do it because you are are are are stubborn. You can do it because you LOVE them and that love will always beat out diabetes...ALWAYS!

Don't give up on yourself. Don't let it win. Just keep that light glowing and keep moving. I believe in you. I know that you can do it. I know it because I am doing it too. I stumble...I fall...I argue with myself and am pretty damn good at convincing myself that I will fail and I am too weak and not smart enough. I get it. I truly do. Don't give up though. We can do it, I promise you.

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