Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That Moment

That moment
That moment when you let out the breath that you didn't even realize you were holding in
Or how long you've been holding it
And you see the world a little clearer
A little bigger
You're a little less caged by the numbers
And a little more free to roam the unknown.
When you start to taste the freedom
Ironically sweet
Like a cool glass of water on a sunny afternoon.
When you begin to notice the beauty around you
And the skies that take your breath away
In an instant
The brilliant blues and purples and pinks
The fiery oranges and reds and yellows
Painted on the worlds canvas
Just for you.

That moment when you see the negativity for what it really is
Poison that can flow through into every aspect of your life
Poison that can leave you crawling on your knees
Gasping for air
Lost in a never-ending circle of darkness
Infinite in the extent of it's powerful cries.
Cries that slice through the silence of your heart
Echoing across the chaos in your mind.

That moment when you decide to open your eyes
And live
Live with strength