Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book review and a Great Escape

So, I'm not sure if you are aware of this...but there are some incredibly talented people in the diabetes community. Over the years, I have had the privilege of getting to know quite a few of them...painters, artists, writers, musicians, singers, dancers, athletes, and even an amazing quilt maker. I think it's pretty astounding really...the fact that these people do all that they do with managing diabetes, and yet they still are able to let their light shine out through their talents. Some seek solace in creating. Some will wake up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning...even though they were up every two hours the night before fighting low blood sugars....just so they can slip out of the house for a moment and capture that breathtaking snapshot of the sunrising over the mountain tops. Some have the ability to put words together so eloquently that you almost feel like you are in the moment with them...you hear the sounds they describe...you smell the smells...you see the world through their eyes. Their words are like a beautiful painting that you are connected to somehow. It's a stress relief for some of us. We get swept away in whatever outlet we are drawn to and nothing else matters...not blood sugar checks...not insulin injections....nothing. We get lost in the moment and all of our energy is focused on creating something beautiful...something that comes from our hearts...something that is an expression....an extension...of ourselves and our inner most thoughts.

I had the opportunity to read the first book in a series that was written by an extremely talented D-Mom named Holly Patrone. She lives in Long Island and has five children...one of which happens to have type 1 diabetes. Oddly enough, "Death is a Relative Thing" has nothing to do with diabetes...there's not even a character in it with type 1. I kind of like that actually...the fact that Holly's creative outlet had nothing to do with diabetes. Her story is about a middle aged Italian American woman named April Serao. She lives in New York with her three sons. Six years ago April's husband died while they were having sex and she finds herself trying to make it on her own again while raising her sons. One day her mother convinces...er...guilt trips her into going to see a local celebrity psychic who informs April that her husband Sal will talk to her again from the other side. Sal takes it a step further actually and begins to appear at the most awkward times to speak to April. Holly's story takes us on a journey with April...full of laughs, a few oddball characters that April works with and meets along the way, and even a new chance at love.

I found Holly's story a lighthearted read. Usually the only time I was able to find to sit down and read it was late at night when I was waiting to check blood sugars, and many times I would have a hard time putting the book down...I would laugh right out loud at points and my cat would sit there staring at me like I had lost my mind.

Getting lost in a good book is a great escape from all of life's stresses. It was nice to escape for a while into April's world and I think you all would enjoy it as well. Looking forward to ordering a copy of the second book in the series now!

Embrace your creativity...in any and all forms. Seek out that which makes you feel more.....you.....and less about being a d-mom or d-dad or person with diabetes. Creativity is a beautiful thing and I am greatful to know so many creative and inspiring people.

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