Monday, March 18, 2013

Carry on carry on

The sound of silence is sometimes unbearable.
Every step is a pause in the parade of madness
And you are struggling to find your tune
Amidst the chaos of your normal
And the path with which you were given.
Stomping along to the beat of unsure and hesitant drums
You carry on
Carry on to the streets of the forgotten and lost
The weary and the panicked.
Trumpets blare piercing the afternoon sky
With a single note
Signalling the arrival of the fight and so you
Carry on
Carry on.
Streamers and screams colliding across the air in front of you 
Faces void of understanding line the street around you
And the thud of your sisters steps behind you forces you to
Carry on
Carry on.
Marching over hills and the horizon
The band stops playing
The crowd disappears 
Confetti is swept away 
Erasing the moment and turning it into a memory
And yet you march on...
Your sisters march on...
Time marches on...
Carry on
Carry on.

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