Saturday, November 10, 2012

The art of being Muffined

I sometimes wonder how we must sound to people in the outside world....aka...the population not familiar with diabetes. There is a whole plethora of words that we use everyday and it sort of makes it seem like we really have our own language to be honest. I can't tell you how many times I have been out in stores and asked my daughter if she is high. To the outside world, that probably seems like an odd thing to be asking an 8 yr. old....but to us, it's normal. When I ask her if she is low, I'm not wondering if she is feeling down or sad...but rather if she feels like her blood sugar is low. When I ask her to check her finger, I am sure I must sound like some sort of weird Mom asking her child to see if she has been picking her nose or something gross like that. When I ask her what she is.........most people would probably think to themselves, "uhhh...she's a girl!"...but really I am looking for a blood sugar number response to that one. When my 8 year old kid shouts to me from across the aisle at the store that there are 20 carbs in a certain food she wants to get, it's not because I have made her into some sort of health nut or put her on a diet.......but rather that we need to know the carbs in every piece of food she puts into her mouth ahead of time.

I was talking with a friend on Facebook tonight...another D-Mom actually...and she had mentioned how her son was struggling with lows tonight because he had attended hockey school today. She explained that she had "juiced" "muffined" and "temp basalled" him. To read that completely made me giggle. We as D-parents have turned so many nouns into verbs. We have our own special language that makes complete and total sense to all of us..........but to the outside world, we must seem like we have a screw loose.

While I can't defend the screw loose perception very well, I can actually say that to sit down and play a game of Scrabble with a room full of D-parents would definitely prove to bring about some interesting results.

We are a unique breed of people. We have tweaked our lives, our emotions, our strengths, our abilities, and even our make it work for us. We do it with style and grace and a little bit of humour thrown in for good measure. And let's be honest....who wouldn't like to be able to say they've been muffined once and a while?

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  1. i have literally gotten dirty looks in stores when Justin reads labels. So judgmental these people can be. I love the last paragraph... We ARE a unique breed and I would sure love to be muffined right about now.