Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reaching for the stars takes work

Do you know that it's ok to dream big? Do you know that it's ok to reach for the stars and set your sights on something that seems so ridiculously out of reach that you could only be fooling yourself into thinking that you would ever come clsoe to actually reaching it? Do you know that it's ok to believe you will get there one day? Do you know that it's ok to let yourself keep that flicker of hope alive...that fire...driving your desire to get there? Do you know that you can do it...you can achieve absolutely anything you put your mind to?

I didn't know those things when I was a kid. I'm not saying that my parents didn't give me the skills or the belief or the self-confidence to try to reach for the stars. I'm sure they told me those things from time to time. I just was never one to really believe in myself. I was never one to think that I was good enough, or smart enough, or that I would ever amount to anything even remotely spectacular in this life. I thought that I was just average. Just middle of the road...smart...but not a genius, funny...but too shy to share it with the world, ok looking...never as pretty as the other girls in my class. I had friends....quite a few actually....but I was never popular in my own eyes. I was never one to hold my head high as I walked the halls of school. I was more the type to focus on my feet and appear to be distracted with something else...so I could avoid eye contact with those that were "popular."

So, when I had Emma...I wanted to make sure that she was confident in her own abilities from the get go. I wanted her to know...really truly know...that it doesn't matter what others may or may not think of her...what truly matter is what she thinks of herself. I wanted to teach her that being who she is...even if it doesn't go along with the popular crowd...is way more important than pretending to be someone she's not. I wanted her to know in her heart that she is a beautiful person...a kind person...a smart and friendly person.

I also wanted her to know that it is ok to dream big and reach for the stars. I wanted to her to experience the joy of the journey. I wanted her to see that it takes hard work and determination to achieve what you want in life. I know she is only 8 years old...but I think that it is important to learn these things at a young age....because then it will stick with you throughout your years and you won't wind up like me....finally realizing these things at 35 years old...a few decades wasted on doubting myself and not having confidence.

I have been helping Emma reach for the stars a lot lately. We have been working on gaining enough attention on the idea she came up with for having a Diabetic Barbie available in hospitals, in homes, in stores for all our Type 1 friends. It brings a joy to my heart to see her get excited over the progress we are making with this and the support we are receiving. It is a joy like none I've felt before. I am seeing the confidence grow inside of her. I am seeing the light in her eyes as she gets to experience first hand how there are massive amounts of people out there in the world who are going to help you...they are going to be there for you and support you. I am seeing her believe. That in and of itself means more to me than anything I could have hoped for in this whole process.

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