Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A woman's strength / A D-Mom's strength

A woman's strength is not measured in the amount of bags she can carry in from the car. It's not measured in the number of children she can carry around the house while keeping life running smoothly. It's not measured in the daily chores she is able to accomplish or the errands she runs while going about her day.

A woman's strength is complex...and layered. It's detailed and defined. A woman's strength emerges from the moment she realizes that she is capable. It is magnified from the moment she grows life inside of her belly. It skyrockets through the stratosphere in that instant when she lays eyes upon her first child.

A woman's strength will carry her through the darkest hours, the deepest pits of despair, the lowest of lows. It will soften the blow of life's worries for those around her...those that she holds most near and dear to her heart. A woman's strength will motivate, inspire, and uplift.

A woman's strength can seal a bond with other's going through the same things that she is going through....other women that are living the same life as her...mirror images of the power of one. She can heal their pain, ease their sadness, and comfort them in a way that no other soul could even begin to understand. Because you see, that bond....that strength is the courses through every last one of us...connecting us across the miles.

A woman's strength is felt through her smile, her tears, her hugs, her knowing glance. It is a deep impenetrable buzzing of electric energy that floats between us....shared...drawn upon from those of us that need it most...and sent out into the night sky when we have loads to spare.

A D-Mom's strength is all of the above and a million times more. It's a wonderous thing that could not be understood...unless you have felt it and lived it yourself. It is formed the moment we hear the word diabetes in the same sentence as our child's name. It can not be broken. It can not be changed. It's there...for ever and an eternity.

A D-Mom's strength will guide you when you are lost, lift you up when you have stumbled along the way, and help you put the pieces of your heart and mind back together again when diabetes shatters them time and time again.

A D-Mom's strength is one of the few things in this world that you can count on. Just add it to the list of death and taxes....a d-mom's strength will be there for you until the end.


  1. Love this! It is so true. BTW, you are one of the people who give me strength. Your posts always touch my heart. <3

  2. Ah, yes, death, taxes, and D-Mom strength! LOVE IT!!!