Saturday, May 12, 2012

If I were to say...

If I were to say that you will find
a light worth blinding
your darkened mind,
would you listen
or would you hide
in the darkest corners you could find.
Safe and quiet
wrapped in your own arms
silent and scared of what could harm
hands splayed across your face
in defense of what was said
words of hate
words of loss
words of fear
that grow between your fingers like moss
If I were to say that you will survive
that blinding light
that moment of clarity,
would you believe my sincerity?
would you take a chance and remove your shield
or would you cower in the dark
seeking comfort in your mind which is sealed
What you can endure in the face of blindness
as you kneel in your damp and muddy corner
of home,
will bring you back to the land of hope
the whisper of faith
felt upon your sweaty neck
like the breath of a child
at rest
Snapping you back to the task at hand
reality begins in your new land.

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