Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you, diabetes!

As we enter into our sixth year with you....I'd like to take the time to let you know a little something. I've accepted you as a member of this family long ago...I don't like you...sometimes I have so much hatred for you that I can't even see straight...but I accept you. You're not going anywhere...your bag is unpacked...you have your own spot at the dinner table...I get it...it's ok...I don't like you, but I put up with you.

This year Emma will be celebrating her 10th birthday...and a few months later, you will be turning 6. We've been through a lot...scary times, stressful times, angry times, and even proud and happy times. I've yelled at you...screamed through tears of uncontrollable frustration and exhaustion. I've seen you go to school with Emma and watched her put you in your place and show you that she's in charge...not you. I've laughed in your face with each victory...knowing that you must be sulking in the corner...angry that you keep losing the fight. You've sucker punched me more times than I can count....but the stubborn side of me smirks through gritted teeth every time I pull myself back up off the ground...stare you down and prove to you that I'm not afraid..that she's my kid....not yours...and we will always win.

This year we will soldier on....with you at our side....living life on our own terms...because it is just that...OUR life...not yours. I know this is your home now too...but I'm ok with that. You can have the ratty old pull out couch in the basement. Sure, a few springs are shot and bound to poke you in the back all night...but that's all I got for ya. You weren't invited...and you won't be here forever. One day I will kick your ass to the curb, change the locks, and watch you disappear with the horizon.

Happy New Year old friend. Good luck finding someone to kiss as the clock strikes midnight.

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  1. damn straight: not invited and won't be here forever!!!