Thursday, August 8, 2013



This is the 600th time I've posted on my blog. 600 times of pouring my heart out, blabbing ridiculous thoughts that ran into my head in the wee hours of the morning. 600 times I've sat in front of my keyboard with anger coursing through my veins over this disease, tears streaming down my cheeks as I try to wipe them away just to be able to see the letters before me. 600 times I've let all of the randomness and fears and joys and victories and defeats and heartbreak and proud moments out of my head and through my fingers into words. I don't always make sense. I don't always get my point across. I don't always talk about diabetes.

600 times I have tried. I've tried to share a little bit about my life...a little glimpse of what it's like to be a Mom to a child with type 1 diabetes. I've tried to let you know that you're not alone...I'm standing there right beside you...holding your hand as we walk this path together...lifting you up when you need it. I've tried to make you see that anything is possible...even with diabetes along for the ride. I've tried to make you laugh in spite of it all. I've tried to encourage you and be supportive and help you find your voice.

600 times I've shared my deepest darkest thoughts and been afraid to hit the "publish" button for fear of judgement....but hit it anyway...because I know there's someone else out there somewhere in the world who feels the same way and will find comfort in knowing they are not alone. I've made friends that are now my family because of this blog. I've met some incredible people on this journey that have given more to me than I could have ever dreamed of returning to them simply through this little old blog here.

600 times. That's a lot of words. A lot of thoughts. A lot of feelings. A lot of life lived.

Thanks for being there for me and thanks for reading. Thanks for helping me see that this blog has not only helped me through the past years with diabetes....but it has also helped you.

The web address of this here blog that I started is because I wanted to share some laughs in spite of the stress and worry this disease brings. It turned out to be so much more for me though. Yes, I've laughed a lot....but I've also cried...and sometimes in life you have to let it out and cry a little so you can see clearly again and find your way back to the laughs.

Thanks for laughing with me.

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  1. WOW, 600! Congrats, my friend!

    Hitting that publish button helps so many people and I'm glad you have the courage to do it over and over and over!!