Monday, May 27, 2013

I don't have it so bad

Ya know what? My life isn't so bad. I don't have it so hard.

I have a husband and daughter that love me more than I can explain in words. I have a few friends that love me. I have a cat that i think loves me...but when it comes to can never really be too sure. I have a roof over my head and clothes upon my back. I have food in my cupboards and insulin in my refrigerator.

I am free to speak my mind and voice my opinions. I can share what I'd like and have an open mind to accepting the views of others. I can walk out my front door and for the most part not fear for my can never really be sure of what will happen. I can read what I'd what I'd like...listen to what I'd like. I can do what I'd like. I can be who I'd like and believe what I'd like.

I have tools that make my life easy. I have a car. I have a phone. I have money in the bank.

My daughter has an insulin pump...she has access to the tools she needs to live. I live in a part of the world where the government gives me money to help pay for the costs of her pump fact they even paid for the entire cost of her actual insulin pump. In my neck of the woods, I can walk into any pharmacy and give them money...and they will give me insulin...or test strips...or anything that I need to keep my daughter alive. I can walk into any hospital emergency room in the country and know that she will be taken care no cost to me. I am able to have a doctor see her for her diabetes clinic appointments every three months at no cost to me. I have access to a nurse, a dietician, a social worker any time I need them...all at no cost to me. She will not ever have to pay for an eye exam in her life...right now because she is a child....but later on (unless a cure is found) because she has diabetes.

I have an easy life. We can pretty much have anything that we desire. We have access to pretty much anything that we need or could ever want.

Many people do not. Many people struggle with even the most basic of things. Many people aren't able to access insulin. Words can not explain how that makes me feel. To know that something I take for something that another parent struggles with obtaining every single's a feeling like no other.

My life is not so bad. My life is easy. I am greatful and I wrote this as a reminder to myself for when I may lose sight of that fact.

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