Monday, May 20, 2013

Forgot about D

I remember being fairly new to this D life and wondering if the day would ever come where I wouldn't be worried all the time...or thinking about it all the time. I actually asked a 40+ year veteran of D if that day comes....and when. They told me that it would happen...the day would come where it would just be routine. The day would come where checking blood sugars, giving insulin, counting carbs would all become such a normal thing that I wouldn't even really be thinking about what I was doing...I would just do it. I remember shaking my head in disbelief when they told me that the day would come where I would find myself NOT even thinking about diabetes at all. They said it would happen and I would catch myself and be stunned that I actually....forgot?.....about it.

I know we don't ever truly forget about diabetes. I know that the reminders are there in nearly everything we it food or activity or the numbers. We can't get away from it matter how hard we try. I'm assuming that even when Emma is grown, I still won't be able to get away from it because I will be worrying about her and wondering what she's doing and if she's ok and if diabetes is being fair. I have to admit though......

it has happened...

I have forgotten about diabetes. I have had moments of time pass where diabetes was not in my head. It was bliss....peaceful, happy, quiet....bliss.

One of those moments occurred this weekend. For whatever reason, the weather really seems to play a big part in how Emma's blood sugars behave. This weekend we had beautiful the perfect start to summer type of weather. Her readings have been perfect. I realize now that I have typed that statement out, I probably jinxed things and she will have horrible numbers tomorrow...but alas...that's the way it goes sometimes. Anyway, her numbers have been perfect. Every single one. All of them have been in perfect range. She has eaten foods that I had to guess the carb count on. She has had a lot of activity....A LOT of activity. I have given foods and juice to her without bolusing and set temp basals on her pump ahead of time to avoid any potential lows. I've gotten them all right. It's like I'm in a zone....a pancreating zone....I've found my groove...the stars have aligned....and everything has worked out perfectly.

So, for a moment yesterday....and a moment today....I forgot. I sat there on my deck watching her play with a friend....blowing bubbles and playing hopscotch......and I forgot.

I smiled as I remembered years ago when that 40+ year veteran assured me that the day would come. I smiled and marvelled at how far we have actually come in this life. So, this post is for you specifically, newly diagnosed D-Mom or D-Dad. The day will come. I promise you. I know you are probably sitting there shaking your head in disbelief just as I did. I know you won't truly believe me until it actually happens to you too...but I hope that you can read this and take away a little nugget of peace in your heart...and know that the chance...the's there.

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