Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Poem to Mourn

When the threat of death is constantly at your doorstep
very real
very true
The fear ever present
trying to consume you
Invading your thoughts
in the afternoon sun
Stealing your dreams in the dead of night
the dead...
of night...
wandering around in your crowded head
slipping in to your bed
placing the pillow over your head
gripping the edge
the beautiful edge
between twilight and dawn
Will I relent
and forget
or will I push back?
Do I live in the light?
Do I wallow in the mire?
Mourning comes
and a new day begins
to breathe life into the fight again.
For the beautiful and broken
left behind
always on my mind,
their spirits a whispered breath
as I shed a tear for their death.

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