Monday, September 20, 2010

when the phone rings

Monday again...start of another school week already. This year Emma is in Grade 1 which is a big change because she goes every day all day long now. Nice for me to have a break...but I wonder if i will ever get to the point where I don't have a teeny tiny heart attack every time the phone rings during the day because I think it is her school phoning to tell me she is low and to please come down there. Diabetes is awesome like's always with you even when the actual diabetic person is not! It's always around...always there...sometimes loud and obnoxious with high's and lows...and other times it's just kind of hanging out in the back of your mind relaxing and waiting for the most inconvenient time to make your life hell. (like when you are driving down the 401 to Toronto on a Friday afternoon and forgot to bring a juicebox along) Sometimes I wish i could just install a light switch in my brain to turn it off. But alas...i don't think the brain switches have been invented yet! So, for now when diabetes is loud and in my face making Emma's blood sugars high or low...i just go to my happy place...lolol...on the beach with Johnny Depp drinking margaritas with those cute little umbrellas in them. Getting back to the subject at hand though...the phone calls during the day drive me mad. Man am i glad im not a telemarketer calling my house...

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  1. The phone calls have to be even worse now, with the municipal election campaigns going on... Poor you!