Monday, September 27, 2010

Sick Days...exhausting and

So, I haven't posted anything in a while...reason being is that the majority of last week Emma was home from school sick. As we all know, sick days for diabetics are SO much more exciting then usual! In any case...she is on the mend and will be back to school again tomorrow thankfully. I have come to realize though that since diabetes has come into our lives, each time Emma gets sick...I actually learn something new. Well, this time was no different...except that the person learning something new was Emma instead of me! She had large amounts of ketone at the beginning of last week along with a I was constantly using the fabulous Ketostix to test her urine. I quickly became annoyed with that whole process of kneeling before her on the toilet and holding the stick at the very end of it to avoid getting peed on. Especially since my daughter has an odd sense of humour and laughs hysterically whenever pee does land on my hand! So, being the caring and nurturing mommy that I am...i decided that it was high time for my 6 yr old to learn how to test her own urine for ketones! Well, Emma caught on quickly and had no problems figuring out how to pee on the stick and check the colour of it to the chart on the bottle to see how much ketones, if any, she had. Believe it or not...this was a huge help to me! With all of the needles, finger pokes, temperature checks, tylenol dosages for fevers, cold cloths on forehead, pushing was just nice to have one less thing on my plate to do! All that being said....i failed to remember that she is in fact only 6! That fact came back to me very quickly when i realized that she had decided to check her urine EVERY single time she went potty last week...and now we are nearly out of ketostix. I also heard her mention something about if she could check her POO for ketones....ummm...GROSS! Ahhh the joys of sick days with a diabetic they ever get easier??

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