Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hot chocolate and gold stars

So seeing as how we are quickly approaching October which will follow right into November...I've been starting to think about having our 3rd Annual Hot Chocolate Sale to raise money for JDRF. I can't believe this will be our 3rd year of doing this...time sure does fly when you are checking blood sugars and giving needles. The Hot Chocolate Sale always gives me mixed emotions...I am so overwhelmingly proud of Emma for coming up with the idea to do this after only a few months of being diagnosed. She was 4 years old at the time and saw an episode of "Max and Ruby" where they had a lemonade stand and asked me if she could have a lemonade stand too but she wanted to give all the money to the people looking for a cure for her diabetes. I definitely lucked out in the kid department! This fundraiser also makes me feel depressed too though...sad that this will in fact be the 3rd year and there still is no cure for this disease...sad that in doing this i go out and meet people face to face and ask them for donations of hot chocolate and cups and more often than not I get told NO. I try not to let it bother me...but i really think it is just pathetic how human nature is. Most people don't want to help with a charity unless it directly affects their own personal lives or in the case of businesses-if it brings them some sort of publicity. What ever happened to helping someone just because you cared...just because you could...just because it is the right thing to do? It starts to wear on me after the first dozen or so "NO"s that I get...i just don't get how businesses can say no to donating something as cheap and simple as a container or hot chocolate or a thing of paper cups? Tim Horton's is a major corp. in Canada and you would not believe how insensitive and unwilling to help they are. I know big businesses get asked for help all the time...but seriously?? You can't spare a sleeve of paper cups? Anyway...this fundraiser also makes me feel excited....excited about the future of diabetes research and knowing that we are helping. Our little hot chocolate sale may only be a small small event in the grand scheme of things...but it makes me feel good to know that my daughter will one day be able to say 'i did my part to help...and now i no longer have diabetes' So, in the meantime i will begin my journey again...going into every tim hortons...every grocery store...every restaurant...asking for them to help. It definitely brings out my creative side though trying to come up with ways to convince them to give me what i need...give me some cups and i will say your name on tv!! give me some cups AND hot chocolate and i will wear an entire outfit with your name all over it and tell the world how totally generous you are and present you with a trophy and give you a kiss and rent out a billboard telling everyone to shop at your store and if you are really really generous, i will even give you a gold star!!! UGH...people are exhausting. Anyway, wish me luck and if you have any ideas or contacts that would be willing to help us out...i would be greatful...and say thank you very much..:o) Will keep you posted on when in November we will be having the sale again!

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  1. Amy, I love what you guys do with your hot chocolate sale! I'm gonna look into it and take yours and Emma's lead and try and see if I can put together one here in Kenosha! When are you having yours? Maybe if I'm not working I can plan it for the same day and make it global event even if it only includes our 2 little places in the world. LOL!!! Any pointers or suggestions on getting started? :)Sherry