Thursday, September 30, 2010

my OCD issues with diabetes

So, I've noticed something for a while...and i thought i would talk about it today to see if other people out there do the same thing? or if i am just a weirdo? lolol. Anyway, in my life I have never really been one for following the clock or sticking to a set schedule during the day. I have always just kind of been a "go with the flow" type of person until that day of diagnoses...June 26, 2008. Well, since then I have found myself slowly starting to become OCD to a certain extent about certain things! It's odd because I know that I am doing these things...and I know they are ridiculous...and yet I still keep doing them. For example...I have a little Hannah Montana lunchbox that I keep all of Emma's supplies in...rapid, lantus, glucagon, juicebox, etc. Well, I have this intense fear that I will accidentally give Emma her rapid needle when I was supposed to give her the lantus. (which i actually HAVE done once! ugh!) So began the OCD issues I now have. I have to put the needle pens one on top of each other so I always know that the one on top is the rapid and the lantus is on the bottom. I also have to keep her insulin in the same drawer in the refrigerator because that is the drawer i first put them in to begin with. I have issues with changing blood sugar meters or even changing lancet devices because i have to use the same one that i first learned on in the hospital. It's all ridiculous to me in my head...I am positive that nothing bad would happen if I got her a different brand meter or lancet device...or if i decided to move the insulin to another spot in the fridge...and yet i still do these things and think these things! I wonder how many diabetics and parents of diabetics out there have actually become this way or similar since diabetes came into their lives? Diabetes just seems to be the gift that keeps on giving! Just when you thought that you have really opened up that last little nugget of info about diabetes...BAM!...there's something new for ya. Enough is enough already though! I always get that little snippit in my head from the G.I. Joe cartoons that were on when i was a kid..."Knowing is half the battle..." I suppose because I am a child of the 80's! Well, yea it's important to know...knowledge is power...but SHEESH!...i never signed up for this stupid diabetes ride! I think I need a

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