Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So last night my friend and fellow D-Mom and I took our daughters to go see R5 in concert. I think it's important to make memories with your kid...give them as many life experiences as you can while they are young...show them that the world is full of infinite possibilities. I have taken Emma to a few concerts already in her young life and it always makes me smile to see the look on her face as she watches the flashing colourful lights...dancing and singing along to songs that she had previously only heard on TV or her iPod. No matter who the band is....it's always an experience to see them live and in person.

At one point during the show, I looked over to see both girls holding up their insulin pumps and meters with the screen lit up...just as other people in the crowd were holding their phones up...arms swaying to the beat of the music. It was funny....and sweet...and a little ironic all rolled into one. Here were these two young girls...cotton candy stickiness on their fingers...smiles on their faces...enjoying a concert just like every other kid in the arena.....using their diabetes devices in a most unique way.

See, a lot of times I get so wrapped up in the numbers....the needles...the carbs. I get so lost in the monotony and the routine. I get so wrapped up in the fact that our version of normal is in fact not really normal at all. I get so wrapped up in trying my hardest to ensure that my kid has a chance to live a worry free childhood...a carefree childhood...making sure that she gets the chance to just be a kid above all else.

I get so wrapped up in these things.....that I sometimes forget that diabetes isn't always the first thought in her head. Sometimes....just sometimes...it's simply about getting lost in the moment...with a friend who understands you...in the middle of a crowded arena. Getting lost in the song....and letting your unique light shine out with a grin on your face and a memory being made.

Life isn't about the struggles or the challenges or the hurdles you must overcome. It's not about the perfect number or the measure of your ability.

It's about making memories in spite of it all. It's about time together...time where you get lost in the moment...those are the things I want to give my kid...those are the things that matter.

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