Monday, May 5, 2014

Blanket statements suck

I'm a pretty easy going person...I can handle a lot of stress and nonsense before I reach my breaking point. Sure there are a few things that annoy me to no end....when you treat a low blood sugar and upon retesting, you see an even lower number....when people ask me around holidays if my daughter gets to enjoy the treats involved chocolate Easter eggs...or candy canes...or trick or treat candy......or when I go to check my kids blood sugar while she's sleeping and a simple 5 second test turns into a 5 minute epic arm wrestling match and subsequent arm flailing battle with her sleeping self.

All of these things are annoyances...I deal with them and move on about my day. However, there is one thing in particular that really pushes me to my breaking point almost immediately.....blanket statements about this disease. Blanket statements, Amy? Whatever do you mean? Basically, when I hear other members of the diabetes community say things like....all type 1 people should be eating low's the only way to ensure stable blood sugar control. Or, you shouldn't be checking your kids blood sugar at night...they will always eventually wake up if they're low. Or my personal should only be checking them 4-5 times a day...tops...anything more than that and it's just you being overbearing and paranoid.


Blanket statements are stupid in general....but in the land of diabetes, they are simply absurd and ignorant. Not all diabetics are the same...not all kids are the same...not all foods affect everyone the same...not all activities or moods or emotions or events affect everyone the same...every single human being on the planet is why do people feel the need to make these blanket statements and categorize this disease that in my humble opinion is quite possibly the most individualistic disease out there?

Some of the blanket statement lovers have good intentions when they share, I suppose. But I really truly wish that before they lay it all out there, they would pause for a second and think...think before they let the words fall out of their mouths and realize that what worked for them....may not work for anyone else....and maybe...just maybe...if a new member of this community happens across their blanket statement and takes it at face could cause could be misleading.

I love sleep....I love warm fuzzy blankets....but I loathe blanket statements. Please think before you toss your quilt of absolutes out there for all the world to see.

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  1. Well said! For as we all know...."You never truly know someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes". –American Adage, Source Unknown
    every disease condition and management is different. That is why we have individualized treatment plans.