Monday, March 24, 2014

Just let go

Sometimes all you can do is cry...because there is no answer to the why
And it takes all of your strength to make it through the day
Holding it all in until she's asleep
Peacefully dreaming of flowers and games of tag
And you can let it out
Unlock the steel gate that's been holding back the tears
The anguish
The floods of sadness that have been building for what feels like centuries.
You've fought them back all day long
Holding that gate shut with all of your might
Waiting for that moment when you can just let go
Let go
Let go
Let it all go
That moment when you can let the vulnerable part of your soul take over
And just let it go
Spilling over and screaming out
The chaos and anger and frustration
The numbers
The hurt
The desperation of the minute
Flying around your head like crows circling your poor drained body
Lying there on the desert floor
Sun baked and broken
Gasping for breath
Your throat as dry as the burnt brown grass on a hot summer day
As the sun beats down upon your back
No control
The tears that have been choking you all day long
Are finally gone
And you're alone
With your thoughts
And the sound of your own battered heart pounding in your ears.
Let it go
And just breathe.

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