Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Carnival Ride

When I see the silence moving between the empty branches
I am reminded of the voice that lies within.
I feel the sun shining though the bitter biting cold
Warming my cheeks
Thawing them just a little
I see you high above
A beautiful shadow across my eyes
The crisp crunch of every footstep echoing through the open air.
Cold and new.
I wish that you
Knew what I knew
The first moment I laid eyes on you.
It is a path of newly fallen snow
Unbroken and never used
Just waiting
Calling to you
I will lead you for a little while
Clearing the path for you
Until that moment arrives
When you are ready
And you will gallop
Hair flying behind you like a stream of fiery passion and fierce independence
You will soar
And I will smile
As I hear your shouts of laughter and joy.
You will fly
I will wave my arms above and giggle as I see that you will still
Turn back to wave and catch my eye.
Just like years before on a carnival ride.
And I will wave to you endless times
For you will always be mine.

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