Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Under Pressure

Lately I've been thinking about the early days after Emma's I would feel a lot of pressure from others about putting her on an insulin pump. It seemed like everywhere I turned, I was bombarded with people telling me that I NEEDED to get her on it was so much I was missing out...depriving her of normalcy. I tried to take it all with a grain of salt...but I must admit sometimes it was a little overboard and I let it make me feel like I was a bad parent.

Now that she has been pumping for almost 4 years now, I see the same thing happening online to other people. I see the pump pushers trying to convince non-pumpers to switch over to their side. I always try to keep my distance from discussions like that unless I'm directly asked for my opinion because I remember that feeling of pressure. Yes, I LOVE Emma's Animas pump and I know that it has been a game changer and made life so much easier....but I am also a firm believer that everyone needs to do what works best for it pumping or injections. If they decide to switch from one to the other...that's entirely their own decision and they shouldn't feel any type of pressure from others...fellow d-parents or doctors or anyone.

I think we have moved into a second phase of pressure these days unfortunately. I seem to be a magnet for people suggesting in one way or another that I should get Emma a CGM (continuous glucose monitor). Just to clarify, I think they are fantastic devices as well...however...Emma has made it quite clear that she does not want another device attached to her body 24/ as her Mom, I must respect her wishes...because it is in fact HER body.

I'm familiar with this type of pressure now. We've been at this for a lot of years. I know that people generally have the best of intentions when they make "suggestions" as to what we should be doing or not doing in our diabetes management. I get it. It's human nature to want to help others who are going through the same experiences you are. If something works for you, of course you want to see it work for someone else, right?

I wish though....that life in our little world with diabetes along for the ride could be a little less about pressuring others to do what you do....and more about embracing the beautiful fact that we both somehow manage diabetes differently and still make it work.


  1. Found your blog while clicking on the link at the top of my blog. My granddaughter was diagnosed five years ago with Type 1 diabetes. She also is on the pump. She has her problems since she too loves to eat sweets. She just turned 13 yesterday and will start a new phase of her life where she will know everything about everything. Hope she will realize the importance of keeping her numbers where they are supposed to be. Hope you daughter can also realize the importance of controlling her insulin. I am passing your blog address on to my daughter so she can read what another mother is going through. It must be hell at times and i'll bet you ask yourself why it had to be your daughter. We have gone through the same and figured there must be a reason. All we have to do is figure out what that reason may be. Good luck along your journey. Check out my blog at Larry

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